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  Chairman's Message  

Abdul Razzaq Fazaia College Mianwali is the best institution in Mianwali. It is not only meeting the educational requirements of our PAF wards but has also been serving the educational needs of the people of this area since long. The results produced by this institution are testimony to the fact that the College is feeding many of the professional institutions of this country by sending at least ten to fifteen distinguished students each year in the fields of medical and engineering. The managing committee under my supervision is vigilant enough to keep an eye on each important activity in the college. The results are excellent and co-curricular activities are carried out regularly. It is hoped that with the grace of Allah Almighty, ARF College will keep flourishing in academics and maintain its record in the coming years.

Central Website of Fazaia institutions is indeed an added advantage to the college. It will facilitate us to carry out liaison with other Fazaia Institutions.

  Principal's Message  

Abdul Razzaq Fazaia College, Mianwali is a seat of learning for the people .of this area. The college during the last many years has been producing excellent results and providing conducive and congenial learning atmosphere to the students. We are morally committed to explore more avenues to bring the current level at apex.