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Chairman's Message


Education in the new paradigm is a science of revealing latent potentials of the students. I would like to remind that besides academics we must lay equal stress on students to instil in them a firm sense of social justice, responsible leadership and commitment to serve the country. I am sure by adopting modern strategies we can bring about a great improvement in the teaching / learning process. It is satisfying to note that besides discovering potentials of our students they are being trained for minute observation, analytical study and well-directed thinking by involving them in different healthy activities.

  Principal's Message  

Profundity of thought stems from judicious and analytical study, minute observation and well-directed thinking. Our purpose is to inculcate excellence in creativity and provide all possible forums to our students to excel in every discipline. Our focus is always goal oriented teaching / learning while keeping the mission of intuiting the young minds. In this competitive era, our youngsters can only face the challenges of practical life through brainstorming and cognitively exercising their mental faculties. I take this opportunity to exhort upon the faculty and students to show a high degree of conscientiousness and remain dynamic in life. All of us are required to work as motivators and catalyst for future excellence. True success would be the out come of a perfect blending of right vision, right knowledge and right conduct. We believe that positive attitude creates positive synergies which lead to higher productivity, good team work, passion and optimism. In addition to academics we must lay equal stress on moral development and character building of our students. We must strive as a team to become one of the most respected institutions in the area.