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Chairman's Message


The mission of Saleem Nawaz Fazaia College, Masroor is to contribute and play a positive role in the societal transformation of the nation by making our youths educated, innovative, creative and research oriented. The endeavour is to provide education at affordable cost by implementing superior quality edification parameters and precision awareness in creating a value of time and punctuality.  Thus leading our students to become competent persons, creative entrepreneurs and contributory citizens of the utopian society of the global village.

  Principal's Message  

At Saleem Nawaz Fazaia College we stress achievement!  We believe each child is unique and has potential for excellence through encouraging students to discover and develop their own individual talents and abilities.

Saleem Nawaz Fazaia College has a highly stable and experienced and dedicated teaching and classified staff. A caring parent community, and a full student enrollment, we create a positive and secured environments for learning. We want all students to succeed in an environment of challenge. Each student is expected to do his/her best with his/her parentís support to achieve at the highest possible level

Saleem Nawaz Fazaia College staff is expected to present Concept Based lessons designed to challenge students and help them grow academically, morally, intellectually and physically. We envision our students as being truly capable of reaching their dreams and we choose to be excellent.